Babor Beauty

With all the fashion week drama, I didn’t get round to telling you last week about my spa day. I opted for the Babor facial and sensational eyes treatment, naturally the treatment was 45 minutes of heaven (I expected nothing else from Imagine Spa) but that’s usually where it ends- you get home and by the morning the effects of your days pampering have worn off. Not with the sensational eyes treatment, days after the treatment my eyes looked fabulous- the skin around eyes looked taught and the dark circles around my eyes were much lighter.

I decided to take home a couple of pairs of the Beautiful Eyes Anti- Wrinkle Eye Pads, at first the aqua pads feel like cold slugs under your eyes but surprisingly they were actually quite refreshing and relaxing! I also picked up the Mild Peeling exfoliator made with peach kernels, a lot of exfoilors are quite aggressive but this product promises to be calming and anti-irritant on the skin- perfect. Have you tried Babor, what did you think?