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Where have all the expert craftsmen, precision pattern cutters and old-school tailors gone? Wherever it is, it clearly isn’t a certain department store I don’t care to mention. Out of three garments ordered last week; one was perfect, one would have looked perfect on the Hunchback of Notre Dame and the other looked like a size eight back and a size 14 front sown together- not good! So when a new brand arrives that’s ethos is rooted in traditional techniques and classic luxury, I’m more than interested.

Lino Piani

Give me hand-sown details, beautiful buttons, exquisite material from Italy, fully lined jackets and zips that won’t break at first use….. give me Lino Piani. New to the market, Lino Piani approaches fashion with a refreshingly old-fashioned philosophy. Great garments take time and care to make, the process can’t be rushed and I like that. I’m so tired of fast-fashion and throw-away garments, I love that Lino Piani takes his time to craft garments that will last longer than a season.

Lino Piani

But don’t be fooled into thinking the brand is behind the times, you can shop online at and check out the latest updates on social media.

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