New Start

Saturday, September 24, 2016 0 , Permalink 1

I’ve been MIA on Fashion Follows Her since Christmas but now I’m BACK!

Those of you with beady eyes might have noticed I’m contributing to Fashion & Mash, where digital meets designer. Pop over and check out my articles here. So that’s been keeping me rather busy but that’s no excuse for my lack of updates. In truth, at the start of the year we had a health scare in the family which threw my blogging off track (all resolved now). At the time, I just didn’t have the heart to keep blogging.

A few months later we started on a wrap-round extension which pretty much absorbed all my time and energy (details and photo’s in a follow-up post). Fortunately, we’ve finally completed the build and it looks amazing. This means I have more time to concentrate on blogging. So, without further delay…. I’m home!!

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