Pringle Deconstructed

Scottish knitwear brand Pringle launched their first interactive knitwear customisation platform recently to celebrate their 200th Anniversary. It’s really encouraging to see a heritage brand using technology to engage with customers on their e-commerce platforms, not just relying on social media to communicate with the public. While most brands recognise the potential benefits of communicating with customers through social media, few have adopted this policy on their e-commerce platforms which remain generic, unresponsive and focused on driving sales. Listing product suggestions based on previous purchased history is not helpful, just irritating.

Pringle Deconstructed

Pringle Deconstructed will offer users the option to customise iconic pieces from the brands collection including their signature diamond jumper. Customers can also add their initials embroidered onto each piece for that personal touch which would make a lovely gift. These types of customisation services are usually only available in-store but the huge success of Burberry’s monogrammed poncho’s at LFW last season has prompted other retailers to look at ways of providing these types of services online.

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