How To: Jazz up furniture with Liberty London

Sometime last year Liberty London kindly sent over a fabric sample, I made plans to turn an unused coffee table into a padded footstool/pouffe. However my best laid plans fell apart when my Nan passed away shortly after the fabric arrived. By the time I got round to thinking about covering the table, it had disappeared, gobbled up by the incinerator. Not wanting to waste such pretty fabric, I stashed it on top of the wardrobe for safe keeping while I figured out a new plan. Months later, when the weather finally warmed up, I decided to give dad’s egg chair a retro make over.

DIY Cushion Covers

I can’t stand those rough, nylon covers which make you sweat and why retailers insist on covering garden furniture with white/cream cushions is anyone’s guess?!! I set about making new covers (one round cushion and one large square), it’s not the first time I’ve re-covered a cushion so I didn’t bother following instructions but if you’re not sure where to start or need a little guidance check out this article in The Guardian. The instructions are simple, clear and easy to follow.

Liberty London Fabric

Something as quick and easy (it took around two hours to complete) can drastically change the look of any tired piece of furniture.

Liberty London

A huge thank you to Liberty London for gifting the fabric to me.

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