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Fudge is one of my weaknesses, I’m totally addicted. Always on the lookout for new flavour combinations. On holiday I tried liquorice fudge for the first time- it was black as tar, devilishly delicious and now one of my all time favourite flavours.

On Saturday my parents took a stroll around Cambridge with strict instructions to stop off at the legendary Fudge Kitchen. I’ve heard good things about the Fudge Kitchen, silky smooth fudge that melts in your mouth, full of fresh ingredients like cherries and strawberries. The fudge is made in store, you can literally watch the fudge being made and their try-before-you-buy policy is actively encouraged.

Cherry fudge

I ended up with 4 slices, not the usual slivers or pre-wrapped squares that quickly dry out, these slices were huge and made for sharing. The four flavours were cherry, raspberry, maple & walnut and Mississippi mud pie. The cherry one was packed full of plump, gooey cherries- very indulgent.

I recommend you stop by and at least try the free samples.

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  • Tiffany May
    October 5, 2015

    Omg. If I only lived in the UK. These all look so amazing! Great post!

    I am following you on all social media. Can’t wait to read more!

    xo Tiffany | teefmay.blogspot.com

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