When blogging goes bad….

This is going to sound bratty and ungrateful but gosh, where do some people get off?!!

The relationship between PR and blogger is a tricky business- I should know, I work as both. I think the key is to remember that bloggers and PR’s are human, not just random names on a list. Yeah, this is business but good manners and being curtious costs nothing. These are the things that bug me the most….

– Group emails with my name inserted, when I reply, you ask ‘what’s the name of your blog?’.

– We agree on a fee, then you add extra things like “oh would you just mind changing/adding/mentioning”.

– You ask me to review a product, then try to edit it into a promotional piece.

– You give me a budget to select an item to review, I spend hours finding something that I think would work well on the blog and interest my readers, only to be told the budget has had to be ‘adjusted’ (funny how it never increases though, eh?!).

– I try to politely decline an offer and receive a dozen further emails asking the exact the same thing, over and over again.

Avoid these all costs and you won’t go far wrong.

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