Fashion in 5 with Ellen Kerry

Ever wondered what it’s like to work at heat…. senior stylist and writer Ellen Kerry tells us why she loves her job.

 1. I chose a career in journalism because….
I love words! Being able to communicate your passion for a story in a way that captures the attention and imagination of your audience is just incredible. And always challenging.

2. What I love most about my job is…..
It’s always different. One week I might be writing an article about how to style stripes for your shape, the next I’ll be trying out extreme contouring.

3. If I could start my career again I would….
Start it earlier! I interned at heat at 25 then was offered a permanent position at 26. I would also have started a blog early on to practice writing.

4. Above all else I value….
Honesty, passion, love and fun.

5. This year is all about….
Style wise? Nailing your own vibe using the catwalk, culture and high street as your inspo. It’s not about dressing top-to-toe 70s because magazines say so. It’s how you style a particular trend YOUR way. So interesting. And true!


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