Bringing Back Boden Bunnies

Thursday, July 30, 2015 0 , , , Permalink 0

Boden’s bunny slippers are back, get them while you can!

I’ve been patiently waiting for Boden to re-issue their much-loved bunny slippers. I nabbed myself a pink pair last Christmas, when they arrived mum decided she wanted a pair too but by then they’d completely sold out. I contacted Boden (via the power of twitter) to see if they had any plan to re-stock/re-make another batch and they promised me faithfully they would bring them back for Autumn/Winter. True to their word, I spotted a fresh batch of bunnies in the New Arrivals section last week.

I ordered two pairs (one for mum and a replacement for me). I’m genuinely impressed with the quality, usually novelty slippers last about 3 months if you’re lucky but my pink pair still look great after 8 months solid wear. Quality aside they’re just adorable and I always receive nice comments about them, life really is too short to wear boring, granny slippers!

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