All are One earrings from Jewel Street

For all my readers living outside the UK, London is the countries cultural capital- a unique mix of eclectic style and innovation. Sometimes it feels like London is the only place that creativity thrives but there are other places in the UK, like Manchester, home to Manchester Metropolitan University, that deliver inspirational design. Before I decided to go to LCF I checked out MMU, I found the facilities and industrious attitude really impressive. Innovation and industry seem to be the universities ethos, which undoubtedly, filters down to the students.

Welsh jewellery designer Caroline Royal studied at MMU and you can see MMU’s contemporary influences in her work. These silver small earrings part of the All are One collection are the perfect example of contemporary design. Inspired by the belief that all particles and life forms share the same origins and energy, so are inherently linked. 7 little rectangles linked together in a circle convey the message that in some way we are all connected.


Caroline Royal is available at Jewel Street, a great jewellery site packed full of artisan brands that I didn’t even know existed. If you get a moment, pop over to Jewel Street and explore some of the 300 designers from all over the UK.

* A huge thank you to Jewel Street & Caroline Royal for the lovely earrings.


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