Brand Intro: Belier

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I love introducing new brands to my readers, so today I have an edgy, German based fashion label for you. Belier is a great mix of raw, sub-zero style and decadent luxury. I took the opportunity to ask designer Hanna Erz a few fashion related questions about Belier…


I chose a career in fashion because…… I love creating.

What I love most about my job is…… the freedom that comes with being your own boss.

If I could start my career again…… I would start my creative projects earlier, but it will always be fashion.

Above all else I value…… my freedom to choose my life as I wish and my family’s support and love for everything I do.

This year is all about…… going forward, doing more things I truly believe in, taking risks and putting effort in everything that brings me a little further to my dream of being a recognised designer and fashion brand.


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