Joanne Stoker: Fun & Functional Shoes

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Every time I think back to the dull black, lace-up shoes I had to wear for school, I’m reminded that now I’m all grown up I don’t have to wear boring shoes anymore. I can have fun with my footwear, mix polka-dots and neon stripes if I feel like it. And fabulous shoes can be functional too… just ask British footwear designer Joanne Stoker.

Each collection is inspired by a pivotal year, how did you decide on this concept?

It kind of just happened really, I’ve always been inspired by periods, art, cultures, architecture and more. As I have so many ideas I thought it would be great to focus on my favourite years. I love 20’s, 60’s and 70’s especially.

Joanne Stoker

Having Jimmy Choo as your mentor must be incredible, how has his guidance influenced your work?

Jimmy was a great person to talk to about business but also shoe construction, he gave me focus when I first started my business.

Comfort and style don’t have to be exclusive do they?

To me both are very important- there’s nothing worse than your feet hurting, it ruins your day. So I’m all for comfort and style, they should be best friends! In my mid heels you can run around all day.


Shoes or boots?

Either for me. However court shoes are my favourite- I cant wait to wear my Jean SS15 courts this spring. No doubt they will be worn out by the time summer’s over. They’re my favourite everyday style in my collection and my signature shape.

Can a beautiful pair of shoes be art?

Of course but I’m all for wearing your shoes, so it needs to be the right side of art! I wear all my designs to death now. When I first started designing shoes they were crazy! I was inspired by the disco platforms of the 1970’s. Most pieces I keep as archive pieces now and the Northampton shoe museum has my wackiest pair of shoes.

Can investment items be fun too?

Yes timeless with a twist is what I love. I think there are certain styles you can always wear such as loafers. Black and white prints I feel are very timeless and can last for years. I always like to include a black and white story every season in my collection.

Many thanks Joanne.

  • June
    January 28, 2015

    These are so colorful and rad!

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    • FashionFollowsHer
      January 30, 2015

      I know… they’re fab and such great colour combos.

  • Hetty
    January 30, 2015

    Such a great article! So nice to hear direct from a designer as talented as Joanne! I fell in love with her shoes when I first saw a pair, a couple of years ago – they’re fabulously retro!

    • FashionFollowsHer
      January 30, 2015

      It’s so good to talk to different designers- they’re so amazingly creative and Joanne is an exceptionally talented designer.

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