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On the way to the hairdressers last Thursday I spotted two ladies in bright white trainers power walking in the rain. Like thousands of other women up and down the country, I guess they were trying to get fit- ‘New Year, New You’. It’s nearly the end of January so fair play to both of them for sticking to their NYE resolutions but there has to be an easier way to improve your health?!

Abstinence and restricting your diet isn’t for everyone, personally I’m a ‘little bit of everything in moderation’ kinda girl. ESPA have adopted a ‘indulgent Detox’ approach, adding luxurious products into your daily/weekly routine rather than eliminating them. The girls at EPSA HQ sent over a little care package for me to test out, including a bottle of Detoxifying Seaweed Bath soak, Sink Brush, Teapig’s Matcha Green Elderflower Tea and Oh So Good chocolate bar.


I started by giving my skin a good brush, I’ve been hankering for a good quality dry skin brush (the cheaper ones can be abrasive). Skin brushing is actually quite satisfying when you get the hang of it.

Next I tried out the Detoxifying Seaweed Bath soak with a glass of Teapig’s Matcha Tea. I expected the bath water to turn swamp green when I added a couple of caps into the bath but it just tinted the water. I also expected that salty scent that usually accompanies products made from seaweed but actually it smelt delicious, all sweet orange and mandarin. After a relaxing 20 min soak in the tub (minus the first 5 mins spent trying to take snaps of myself that weren’t verging on pornographic) my skin felt soft and silky. I followed the instructions, drinking plenty of water to help flush out toxins and had an early night to let my body recharge.


I admit the Matcha Tea doesn’t look too tasty (back to the swamp water!) but don’t be put off. It tastes great, zesty with a light elderflower flavour.

A big thank you ESPA…. I feel refreshed and ready for the year ahead.

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