Beauty Review: NAKED Palette

I’ve given in to peer pressure and bought myself an Urban Decay NAKED Palette.

British Beauty Blogger reviewed this palette way back in 2010 and I’ve been hankering for one ever since. 12 nude/neutral shades that all work together, ranging from matte to super sparkly is practically unheard of. Nudes shades are overlooked as boring or sit alongside brighter shades as a mere after thought but not in this palette. Rarer still is the fact that all 12 shades work as stand alone colours, you usually get at least two shades that only look good on a few people. This is the only palette where I’ve been able to wear every shade.

Urban Decay


Naturally I’m drawn to the bold, smokey grey Gunmetal and Creep shades but the surprise favourite is Toasted. A pearly pink/nude shade with a slight shimmer, this is the first remotely pink shade I’ve worn in over a decade. Overall a great palette of wearable shades and despite Urban Decay producing two further NAKED palettes, the original is, in my opinion, the best.

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