5 Reasons why Oscar de la Renta will be missed

The fashion industry suffered a terrible loss on Monday, Oscar de la Renta died aged 82. The legendary Spanish fashion designer worked for two of the most epic french brands Balmain & Lanvin. One of the most inspirational designers who delivered sensational collections year after year. 5 reasons why Oscar de la Renta will be sadly missed….

1. De la Renta understood women, famously quoted as saying ‘walk like you have three men walking behind you’. He knew how to appreciate the female form and make the best out of those curves.

2. De la Renta is responsible for one of Carrie Bradshaw’s finest SATC moments. The pink satin, tea length gown gifted to Carrie by ‘the Russian’ (Alexander Petrovsky) elevated a much-loved fashion icon to a fully fledged, style guru.

Oscar de la Renta

(Carrie and SJP at The Met Gala 2014).

3. In a world where fashion is designed to shock and inspire, men like Oscar can be forgotten. His understated beauty may not of always made your jaw drop to the ground in awe but gosh, his dresses were SO darn pretty.

4. He dressed some of the most stylish women in the world, past and present- Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn, Nancy Reagan.

Oscar de la Renta

5. De la Renta did something considered almost impossible, he made bridal wear fashionable. The antidote to every big fat gypsy wedding can be found in his bridal collections. Utter class.

RIP Oscar De la Renta.


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