Autumn/Winter with Joules

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Joules asked me to put a few of my favourite items together for Autumn…. not such a big ask!

– My pink Hunter wellies are due to retire, they’re looking a little worse for wear, which is entirely my fault for leaving them outside in the baking hot sun and dripping paint on them. Joules Invite Floral Maya Wellies are way too pretty to spoil, so I’ll be following the care instructions to the letter.

– Simple pull-on jersey dresses make up a huge portion of my wardrobe, they’re so versatile and work in practically every situation. The fact I don’t need to match tops and bottoms on mornings when my brain refuses to work before lunch time, saves so much head scratching. And there’s always a place in my wardrobe for a navy and white nautical stripe.

– I’m a little bit obsessed with foxes right now, Fantastic Mr Fox put a naughty but nice spin on an animal previously regarded as devious and sly. I love this cobalt phone cover.

– I have to confess to not owning a tweed jacket and living in the country, shameful I know and something I clearly need to put right immediately.

– Autumn means seasonal dressing, I hear you collectively sigh with frustration…. transeasonal fashion is a tricky beast at the best of times. Simple knitwear items like this pink jumper will make this whole situation SO much easier.

– Simple gold necklaces layered together make perfect sense this season and I adore this springy little hare necklace, so cute and charming.

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