Bag a Boden Bargain

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Watching This Old Thing, The Vintage Clothes Show on channel 4 reminded of a very good point ‘don’t dismiss something if you love the colour/print/shape just because it doesn’t quite fit’. Instead think about if/how you could alter the garment to make it work for you. It could be as simple as shortening the hem, letting out a dart or adding a little lace collar. Anything that requires a bit more time can be taken to a professional seamstress, which isn’t actually as expensive as you would imagine. When this floral yellow dress arrived from Boden I fell in love with the print and the shape of the dress but the waist was a little high and the lining should have been fun and flirty but instead seemed a tad heavy for a summer dress. Adding a chunky belt to elongate the waistline was pretty easy but removing the lining took a little more patience but the result is a light weight, summer dress that fits perfectly and feels wonderful. Next time you’re shopping in the sales and something isn’t quite right, spend a couple of minutes thinking about how you could turn a ‘not quite right’ into something spectacular.

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