What to wear when nothing will do.

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There are a few occasions in life when it doesn’t matter what you put on, nothing is quite right.

Funerals are a fashion minefield. As tempting as it is to go all Film-Noir, femme fatale, it’s not really appropriate if you aren’t the grieving widow. Unless you’re immediate family, I also tend to avoid a full black outfit, instead go for grey, navy or brown with a colour pop to lift the look. Winter funerals are so much easier to dress for (and I really don’t think that the sun should shine on such a sad day anyway but that’s just me!) just put on a classic suit with a coloured jumper or a LBD with thick, black tight and you’re good to go. In summer it’s really tricky not to look too casual without smothering yourself in reams of fabric which will bake you alive. And for anyone who’s not been in church recently, they’re freezing, so a flimsy dress will leave you shivering in your seat. Like most, I’ve left it until I have to go to a funeral to buy an outfit but if possible get your outfit sorted now and save yourself the ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’ drama in the future.

Dress Jaeger £120, Bag Charlotte Olympia £795, Sandals Boden £47.20, Necklace My Flash Trash £27, Umbrella Lulu Guinness £32.


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