ESPA Body Oil & a healthy tan

All too often I hear ‘there’s no such thing as a healthy tan’ but I beg to differ. To me a healthy tan means getting out into the garden and spending a few hours chilling in the sun. It’s not the golden brown colour that appeals to me but the health benefits of a daily dose of vitamin D. Obviously great looking skin with a little colour is not a bad thing but it’s not just laying out in the sun that goes into creating a healthy tan. Combine the summer sun & days spent splashing about in the sea, lead to dry skin which needs a good quality sunscreen like Korres Walnut Sunscreen teamed with a skin quenching moisturiser. I’ve talked about ESPA body oils before- the energising & soothing oils permanently grace my bedside table but I’ve just invested in their Restorative Body Oil to sooth my tanned skin. With a nourishing coat of ESPA body oil my skin now has a healthy tan.


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