Brand Intro: Amritsari London

It’s my great pleasure to introduce you to Amritsari London….

What should we know about Amritsari?

Amritsari is a London-based womenswear label. The label has humble origins, which focuses on a refined path and aesthetic. The colour palette derives from spicy dishes of many hidden stories around the world; folklore, some historical, others mythical, garnished with contemporary and modern silhouettes. Pieces are always very feminine and soft, even with heavier fabrics & rare structures. There is always something in the collections for every woman.

Tell us a little about your background, how did you get started?

I did BA in Fashion in India, followed by an MA at Ravensbourne London. I worked for other companies, developed my creative eye, delved into photography, creative direction and placement- all in preparation to launch the label.

Amritsari London

What inspired you to launch a fashion brand?

I was keen to break the norms of design when it came to the marriage of different fabrics, prints, patterns and pallets. Developing how to further enhance and complement the female form and a platform to express and explore my design ideas. Teamed with my interest in the business side of fashion.

The collection is so rich and decadent, who do you see wearing these pieces?

Glad you like the collection (how could I not…the whole collection is beautiful?!). Like I explained before, there is something for each woman in every collection. There are shirts and trousers, then there’s occasion and casual overcoats, even cocktail dresses and evening gowns. Most of the pieces are very timeless and are suitable for multiple age groups. But to answer the question, “a woman who looks at clothes as art, values the process, time, design and exudes an alluring yet silent confidence, a woman who is playful”.

Amritsari London

If you could dress any celebrity who would it be and why?

If I could, there are so many that come to mind. Right now one person that is on my mind is Cara Delevingne. Ms. Delevingne is a strong-headed, young woman with a curious sense of style, yet retains a subtle elegance about her.

Velvet and embroidery feature heavily in the collection but there’s also leather which is quite a different material, what inspired you to include such a variety of materials?

The materials are based on the story that inspired the collection and of course the trends. The inspiration behind the collection is a mythical tale of a rich Punjabi girl forcibly married to a leper by her father and then curing him with her faith by visiting the Golden Temple. It’s inspired from medieval northern India, hence the lush silks, velvets, with gold works, contrasting to the skin itself shown in leathers. Each piece tells the story in full.

Amritsari London

Which are your favourite pieces in this seasons collection and why?

Wow, that’s difficult, so much sweat and tears have gone into creating each piece. There’s a few pieces that I really adore- the silk embroidered cocktail dress with pleated silk lame skirt and turquoise charmeuse sleeves. The hand embroidered waist length crop top in wool (taking 200 hours to make by hand) is a favourite. Others look amazing as well, you have to see the full collection.

Check out the collection in full here.



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