Beauty Review: Korres Walnut & Coconut Sunscreen

Korres Walnut & Coconut sunscreen saves my skin.

When a product you love disappears from the market it’s so frustrating. I reviewed Clarins oil-free sun protection spray last year and continued to use it all summer long because the product was utterly fantastic. No mess, no oily stains, forget clogged pores and that sickly sweet smell; Clarins had the perfect light sunscreen for my oily skin. Naturally I checked Clarins website to see where my sunscreen of choice was hiding but it seems milk lotions have replaced my beloved sunscreen. Disappointed and in need of a sunscreen that won’t irritate my skin and bring me out in a nice red rash, I popped over to Korres.

The Greek brand that specialises in natural products proven to be clinically effective, is a wonderful skin care brand and my top choice. I ordered Korres Clear Sunscreen Body Walnut & Coconut 20SPF spray which didn’t sound that appealing but in fact smells delicious. On my skin the spray absorbed almost immediately and didn’t go sticky but left a light film which protected my skin for a couple of hours. One major benefit is the inclusion of carrot oil that enhances the natural tanning process while preventing premature ageing- quite a bonus. I think I’ve found a new favourite….

Happy Tanning.

  • Mira
    June 11, 2014

    I love Korres products but I haven’t tried this sunscreen yet. Sounds great. I will check it out 😀

    xx Mira

    • FashionFollowsHer
      June 11, 2014

      Korres really is a fab and under-rated brand, the sunscreen smells lovely too.x

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