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Scarlett London

I’ve been waiting until everything was finalised to announce…. I’m the new girl at Scarlett London!

From this month I will be contributing to the fashion, beauty and lifestyle site as part of the Fashion Team. I’ll be the new girl, which is rather exciting and scary in equal measure but I’m looking forward to the challenge of working on a publication that’s been nominated/short-listed for numerous industry awards. You might be wondering why I would want to write for another blog when I have my own one right here. Two reasons mainly; blogging can be a lonely business and working with others, bating ideas around, will make a nice change from talking to myself. Scarlett London covers area’s that I don’t regularly cover like food, health, gossip and travel. I’m always keen to stretch myself and try something new, discover how others do what they do…. maybe I’ll learn something amazing.


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