My Fash Diary X Spotted on Celeb Competition

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Way back in July I made a casual comment on how lovely Tala (My Fash Diary) looked in her For Love & Lemons dress. This little comment, unbeknown to me, was the winning entry in Spotted on Celeb’s competition to win that very same dress. I’d pretty much forgotten all about it when, out of the blue Tala contacted me to say I’d won! I swiftly contacted Spotted on Celeb to claim my prize, unfortunately that particular dress had sold out *makes sad face*.

MIC Fran

(Fran from MIC in my new dress)

But all was not lost…. I was allowed to choose another style from the Spring/Summer collection, although I wanted to select something similar to the one Tala was wearing. I opted for the Patricia Doves Dress by Ronny Kobo, not quite the same but the pattern is similar. A huge thank you to Tala and Spotted on Celeb. x


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