FFH Weekly Gem… Marc by Marc Jacobs Flock Necklace


This weeks’ FFH gem is a little bit quackers (sorry…..I had to).

Marc Jacobs is the Marmite of fashion. Punchy style, perching precariously on the edge of good taste. A riot of colour and quirky style, clothes for the brave and accessories that release your inner child. I understand if you’re not a fan but accessory wise Marc Jacobs makes my heart beat faster. This flock necklace makes my heart flutter. As a little girl I was utterly obsessed with ducks. This cutie pie necklace reminds me of my very first pair of duck earrings (over the years there have been numerous pairs). I loved those earrings. Any chance to relive your youth should be grasped with both hands, so thank you Mr Jacobs for reminding me fashion can be rather fun!

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