Are you being served… Isabel Marant X H&M


I woke up early, waited for the store to open, queued for hours and ended up completing the transaction on the phone. My perseverance paid off and I scored a pair of boots, suede shoes and a silk dress (although I haven’t received them yet so it could all still go horribly wrong!). The customer service team provided a quick, efficient service but the online facilities were hinky at best. Being placed on hold, online, is beyond annoying but in all honesty, who expected any different? This is Isabel Marant we’re talking about… the coolest collaboration of the year- queues to be expected. More than anything this highlights the lack of motivation some large retailers have for online customer service. The organisation of the launch in store seemed very organised- colour coded wristbands and a list of rules, obviously a fair amount of effort went in to planning the event. I’d be interested to know why retailers manage to cope with the increased numbers of customers in store but can’t manage to deliver the same level of service online? How did you get on?

  • H M F
    November 15, 2013

    WOW I was scrolling through my new feed and had to comment! I know what you mean about there online service, it’s so slow and delivery is awful, but the customer service people are nice. They lost my package and gave me a voucher but it didn’t make up for the fact it was the size item in my size!

    • fashionfollowsher
      November 15, 2013

      Just seems to be so hit and miss… I was determined to make it work though!

  • reversecommuter
    November 15, 2013

    Cannot wait to hear what you think of the goodies you managed to secure!

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