Home & Away… Part Two

From Home to Away…..

Planning the trip is half the fun. Whether it’s a day trip out or a lazy exotic holiday, mapping out the adventure that lays ahead all starts with piles of magazines and a notebook. My Flash Trash have excelled themselves with this iPhone cover, inspiration at the ready… ‘She believed she could, so she did’.

Sandals & Sun hats

To pack/to buy. Packing can be a total nightmare, make a list and don’t forget to pack your bikini. My coral Zara kaftan is the most superb cover up and will be in my suitcase for sure. I save these orange wedges for holidays and high days, as soon as I liberate them from my wardrobe I feel my spirits lift. (The purple box is full of little samples of ESPA products).

Travel Essentials

Passport at the ready for Paris. Symthson has the best travel cases and essentials, I bought this hot pink passport and ticket holder a couple of weeks ago. If you’re going to travel, it may as well be in style!


Something worth leaving the house for- jewellery! Here’s a first look at the gem stone destined to be the center piece of my new ring. The purple sparkler is a Zambian amethyst ¬†sent over from Germany. Hopefully I will be finalising the ring design soon.

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