Afternoon tea and tennis…

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Blogging about food is something I usually leave to the professional foodies, the Nigella Lawsons’ of the blogging world but these are too delicious and gloriously British, I had to feature them.

First off I have to tell you about the best dessert I’ve eaten all year- the bright, stripe meringues in the Great British Summer Eton Mess dessert from M&S are almost, almost too good to eat. The dessert consists of three soft, cloud like meringues, a layer of white chocolate, vanilla mousse and raspberry compote….. heavenly! I apologise for the lack of photos, I’d scoffed this little lovely before I had chance to get a snap (you can see the dessert as a whole here) but I did manage to get a photo of the meringues with a hand full of juicy cherries. Nothing says ‘summer is here’ like fresh British cherries. As soon as I spy cherry blossom cascading down and coating the pavement in a candy pink carpet, I can’t wait to buy my first bag of plump cherries.


Before you can blink, the great British sporting event that is Wimbledon begins. If I were more sporty I would celebrate this seasonal event with a spot of tennis but I’d rather kick back and enjoy a bowl (or cup in this instance) of strawberries with a large dollop of Chantilly cream. Does it matter whether we win or lose as long as there’s good food and lots of fun?

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