FFH Weekly Gems…. Isabel Marant Earrings

Isabel Marant

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of the boho, Parisian chic Isabel Marant produces. The fine balance of perfectly polished and nonchalant, looks effortless but in reality is ridiculously hard to do well (and believe me I’ve tried!). I don’t think Isabel Marant has ever produced a collection I didn’t like and I usually find at least one piece haunts me all season long. Alas I don’t have the budget to buy up the main collection but I could stretch to a little Marant magic in accessory form. Jewellery in this seasons collection is reasonable priced (possibly a ploy to draw me into the world of Isabel Marant and get me on hooked on the brand but hay ho…..). These Bone and leather tasseled earrings are adorable and they feed my fetish for tassels!

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