Red Royalty

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By now you’ve probably gathered I’m not really the type of girl who’s likely to paint a huge Union Jack all over her face but at this moment in time, with the Olympics in full swing I do feel quite patriotic. My usual act of patriotism is to paint my talons a shade appropriate to the cause; pumpkin orange for Halloween or hot pink for Valentines day, you get the idea. With that done (I picked up a new polish on Friday while on route to the dreaded dentist. Dior Vernis 999, a fire engine red shade called Red Royalty), I dug out my Jaeger bag to complete the look.

After all, what’s more patriotic than carrying/buying a home-grown brand? Jaeger handbags are a slight obsession on mine, I love them, all of them! Nothing is as sweet as a fresh designer bag, the new leather smells heavenly, utterly perfect. These are my favourite bags on sale right now.

(images from

Which one tickles your fancy?

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  • Irnbb
    August 9, 2012

    Ouuuuu that’s such a gorgeous red on you!

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