Steiff bear and boo

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Finding the perfect bear is like finding the perfect man, it has to be the right fit. But once you’ve found him nothing else will come close. When your sick he (or she, we don’t discriminate) will be your constant companion, you can pop him in the wash when he starts to smell and he doesn’t moan when you wear your flock pyjamas to bed.

Personally I think a bear must:

– Be firmly stuffed, just right for snuggling.

– Have soft, short fur. Long fur tickles your nose in the night.

– Every bear should have a tail, a bear without a tail is just plain wrong.

– Have soft paws.

– Fit snuggly under you chin.

– Like honey.

Bear making is an art, master bear makers Steiff have decades of experience and know what it take to make the most fabulous furry friend. For all those glitter girls out there,  Steiff have the bear for you, part of the Enchanted Forest collection this little beauty is bedazzled with gold sequins. She is adorable and super stylish and although maybe not one to cuddle, will add serious bling to any girls boudoir. Do you love her like I do?

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