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When I first ventured out into the big wide world of work, my dad had a few pearls of wisdom to share with me. The one that always pops into my head is ‘be nice to people on the way up, you are likely to meet them on the way down’ particularly when people are unnecessarily abrupt (or just plain rude too me). Then there are those who are a pleasure to deal with, the one’s who are always ready to offer much-needed advice and support, like Amanda (The Online Stylist). As you can imagine I contact quite a few potential interviewees’ for ‘fashion in 5’ and I’m always amazed (and delighted) when people I admire in the industry respond- primarily because I love to find out more about them to quell my inquisitive nature. For anybody who doesn’t know The Online Stylist offers a Style Advice Service to take the work out of shopping online. Amanda took time out from styling the nation to answer a few questions……

1. What’s on your wish list at the moment?

The more attainable thing is a 2nd Day biker jacket – I saw it in the AW12 look book and fell in love. Slightly less attainable is the Jumbo Chanel 2.55!  After renting one for a week from The Borrowers Club I can see why people covet one.
 (The Borrowers Club, Jumbo 2.55 Chanel)
2. Describe your own personal style?

I’m classic with a twist – the twist usually coming from accessories or just one statement piece. Now I’m in my 40’s, I feel my style has finally calmed down and it’s getting to where I want it to be. But I always consider it a work in progress!

 3. Which trend will you be working this season?
I love the pastels trend and have been playing around with this already. A pastel manicure is fabulous and I have bought a couple of pieces – the pink Zara jacket and a mint green COS top.
 (Images from Essie)
4. Tell us about your favourite dress and what you love about it?
My all time favourite dress is the great big ruffled affair from Monsoon that I wore for my 40th birthday party. It just summed up all the frivolity I wanted the occasion to have – a real girly moment that I won’t forget!
5. Your favourite under-rated fashion store/brand?
I wouldn’t say it was under-rated, more of a new brand but I love the Allium B dresses right now. Having been luck enough to feature them on the blog, I feel they’re perfect for those days when you want to throw on something with very little effort but still look great. They’re so well made and the fit is spot on.
Thanks Amanda. xx
  • TheOnlineStylist
    June 20, 2012

    Thanks so much for featuring me Katie – I absolutely love this! And your Dad’s words are very wise indeed! xx

    • fashionfollowsher
      June 20, 2012

      My pleasure! I have to admit he is quite a wise owl (but don’t tell him!).x

  • Coco's Tea Party
    June 21, 2012

    I love Amanda! And if you didn’t see my reply to the iPhone question, I’ve pasted it below.

    I’d definitely do it. I loved my Blackberry but my iPhone is much better (and faster) for browsing, tweeting etc. At first I struggled with the lack of buttons but you get used to it pretty quickly. Plus my iPhone has never frozen, and my BB did all the time.

    Hope this helps…. x

    • fashionfollowsher
      June 21, 2012

      Amanda is just fabulous!
      Thanks for the reply, so undecided about which phone to get but I think I might give the I-phone ago. My Blackberry keeps freezing too which is SO annoying!
      Thanks for the advice. xx

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