Biker girl boots

In the words of Victor Meldrew ‘I don’t believe it’, last week I purchased a new pair of boots, yes you heard me correctly, I said boots. With the weather so bad I thought it maybe pertinent to invest in another pair, I know this is the time to be thinking about sandals and swimwear but hay ho. Obv my new boots arrive just as the sun rocks up but I will not be down hearted as it seems working boots in summer is the new trend.

Check out Millie ‘Made in Chelsea’ in her shorts and ankle boots at Grazia- cute right?

 And I stumbled across this pic from Free People– how cool do these ladies look.

So I think I am going to work the summer boots look and team my new ASOS Kate boots with last years white sun dress, who’s with me……..?

  • Rach
    May 28, 2012

    I don’t think you mean prevalent…,

    • fashionfollowsher
      May 29, 2012

      That’s what happens when you tweet, blog and talk on the phone all at the same time!! Your so right I should of said pertinent.

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